Our mission

As sequencing became part of our lab’s routines during our studies, we stumbled upon bioinformatics, a fascinating field which transforms meaningless data into scientific insight. A lot of research projects nowadays produce data that require bioinformatic analysis, but it is easy to get lost in the sheer number of parameters and available tools. Those are also often difficult to use because of their unfriendly command line interface.

Producing a bioinformatic analysis is therefore uneasy, let alone a comprehensive one. Moreover, standard analysis don’t consider the specificity of the studied genomes. Such analysis can’t exploit all the information held in the genomes, which can be limiting for the study of certain microorganisms like phages.

The idea behind RIME Bioinformatics comes from the frustration of noticing how hard it can be for research teams to access high quality bioinformatics analyzes. Our aim is to make them accessible to every researcher.

We are Technology Enthusiasts & Microbiology Experts

Rime Bioinformatics was created by two longtime friends. Antoine and Guillaume share the same thirst for understanding our world through human relationships and science. Our interest for creating and problem solving drove us to build this company.

Antoine Culot - CEO

Antoine is an Engineer in Agronomy and PhD in Microbiology. He is specialized in phage therapy.

I am passionate about History and music. If you are into cycling, we might meet in a forest or on the road ;)

Guillaume Abriat - CTO

Guillaume holds a M.Sc. in Microbiology. He is in the final year of his PhD. He is specialized in protein characterization, chemotaxis, and bacterial motility.

When I am not trading cryptocurrency, I'm probably playing badminton tinkering or dreaming about astronomy.